IvyDNS: Take back YOUR internet

IvyDNS is an on-line service which…
blocks undesirable internet traffic
speeds up your internet connection
enhances your security on-line
protects your on-line privacy
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What happens when you use IvyDNS

With IvyDNS you will see close to no advertising on-line, but IvyDNS is much more than just an Ad Blocker. Ad-blocking is not the only thing that IvyDNS does. The effect is that your internet speed will feel and be faster (because, for instance, you’re no longer downloading all that advertising).
IvyDNS blocks trackers from following you on-line. As a result, your footprints in the snow evaporate and stop being laid down, the moment that you start using IvyDNS.
IvyDNS also contains information about malware and botnets. Devices that use IvyDNS will be prevented from talking to known malware- and bot-networks.
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IvyDNS works everywhere and anywhere

IvyDNS works everywhere, and that doesn’t just mean ‘anywhere in the world‘ or ‘on all operating systems‘ even though both of those are true too. IvyDNS also works everywhere within your device and anywhere inside your network. IvyDNS lets you define a network- or device-wide policy that applies to your browser, apps and other networked assets. Browser-based ad-blockers can only work within your browser session but IvyDNS works, inside and outside your browser session. This gives you a much more powerful command & control.
IvyDNS is a cloud service: it is there for you, wherever you are and it is always up to date with our latest Internet Intelligence!
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