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IvyDNS is a cloud service that speeds up your internet connection, enhances your security on-line & protects your on-line privacy.

We’re a young and passionate technology company. We specialize in building software services and solutions that stand the test of time. For all your software needs, we practice “doing it right the first time“. This means that you can rely on our proven approach for all your software needs.

We build custom software for you or join forces with your existing team to deliver your software projects. When you engage with Fundamental Software, we first get to know your business’ fundamentals. We apply our extensive experience in the software engineering field to deliver the cutting-edge solutions that do exactly what you need them to do!

Contact us to see how Fundamental Software can help you and your business. We…

  • Build & deploy custom software solution and websites for you
  • Help you with software architecture & design from start to finish, and even from anywhere in the middle
  • Help you deliver & manage your internal software development projects
  • Assist you in improving your existing software engineering processes
  • Set up, configure and manage your internet and software assets
  • Training and coaching for your software development team
  • Train and educate your users on new and custom developed software
  • Deliver IT security training and guidance on Digital Health & Op/ComSec adapted specifically to your situation
  • Help you manage your IT resources & teams

Reach out to us to start the conversation!