IvyDNS vs Ad-Blockers

IvyDNS Ad Blocker
IvyDNS applies to the entire device Works only in your browser session & does nothing outside of it
We have not, we do not and we will not accept compensation from advertisers to whitelist their domains Most allow their own list of what they call ‘Acceptable Advertising’
IvyDNS offers a high degree of flexible customization regarding blocking and unblocking Near-impossible to curate or even influence what is or isn’t blocked, any attempt to influence or manage this requires a large investment in time and specialized, non-transferable skills
IvyDNS applies on a network-wide level Cannot be set on an entire network in one go, some users may have it installed, others won’t and there is no way to track or mandate any of it
IvyDNS prevents requests: advertisers, trackers and other undesirables literally do not see you Does not prevent requests, advertisers and trackers still see & track you
IvyDNS Ad Blocker
Does more than just advertising Only (certain) advertising
Central Management & Control: everyone on an IvyDNS-enabled network is automatically configured to use IvyDNS and the rules apply to everyone using it No way to define a policy stating which ad-blocker must be used, and no way to check compliance or circumvention attempts
Mandate IvyDNS on an entire network, without having to touch individual devices on the network Each individual device must be touched, installed upon and configured, and later checked periodically for continuing compliance
IvyDNS enables reporting capabilities that respect privacy A black hole in terms of figuring anything out
IvyDNS enables figuring out who isn’t using it No way to tell who has it enabled, installed, configured and who doesn’t
IvyDNS solves the problem Ad-blockers hide the problem instead of fixing the problem
IvyDNS Ad Blocker

Regular ad-blockers solve only a very small part of the nuisance, privacy and security issues that everyone faces on-line. Most ad-blockers stop at their partial solution to the nuisance issue and don’t even attempt to address the other issues at all and even when they do, they only address them to a small degree.
IvyDNS takes a holistic approach in addressing all of these issues in full. That is why IvyDNS also incorporates information about known malware networks and botnets. IvyDNS also goes further: IvyDNS continually collects and classifies any domain that comes in its cross-hairs. It includes this information immediately into our operations.
Whereas traditional ad-blockers are reactive, IvyDNS is pro-active!