Tool in the Spotlight: Decentraleyes

This month’s Tool in the Spotlight: Decentraleyes, a Firefox extension which performs local emulation of Content Delivery Networks (CDN):
Websites have increasingly begun to rely much more on large third-parties for content delivery. Canceling requests for ads or trackers is usually without issue, however blocking actual content, not unexpectedly, breaks pages. The aim of this add-on is to cut-out the middleman by providing lightning speed delivery of local (bundled) files to improve online privacy.

Check out the tool at

NOTE: we are entirely unaffiliated with whoever produces this tool, we receive no compensation whatsoever from them.

Surveillance is creepy

A person in an unmarked car following your every move and watching you 24/7 is considered creepy or requires a warrant, but replace this with an ever-expanding army of all-seeing machines who pry into everything you do on-line and everyone thinks that this is just dandy.

These all-seeing machines are obviously the tracking pixels, scripts, the browser-fingerprinting, the telemetry-collection, the displayed adverts, and whichever other mechanism or euphemisms used for surveillance, on pretty much every website you use.
We, at Fundamental Software, vehemently reject the idea that this type of surveillance is acceptable and we provide ways to fight back!

IvyDNS is an on-line service that respects your privacy. It makes it significantly harder for these third parties to track you on-line.